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Associa Mid-Atlantic

Associa Mid-Atlantic is Tannerie Wood's property manager. Homeowners are encouraged to register at their portal  To log in, you will need your Associa Mid-Atlantic account number.

Homeowner Website Login

The homeowner pages (listed above) can only be accessed by confirmed homeowners who have established Tannerie Wood website accounts.

To set up a website account, click here:

This will bring up a login screen.  On that screen, click the "Sign Up" link, which will bring up a Sign-Up screen.  On the Sign-Up screen, you will need to enter this information:

  • Email:  You will need to use this email address in the future when you sign in to the website.  You can expedite confirmation of your account by using the same email address that Felte Real Estate sends the monthly board meeting minutes to.

  • Password: You will need this password in the future to sign in to the website.  Tannerie Wood will not have access to your password.  It is maintained by the Wix, our website host.

  • First Name, Last Name, Address:  We need this information to help verify that you are a Tannerie Wood homeowner.

After completing the sign-up, your website account request will be sent to the webmaster.  After confirming that you are a Tannerie Wood homeowner, he will give you permission to see the homeowner pages.  At that time you'll receive a confirmation email.  Please be patient; the webmaster is a volunteer and may go for as long as a day without checking his email!  (But if you don't get a confirmation within two days, feel free to send him a reminder at

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