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Getting the right contractor is all about getting advice from those who have already done the same project.  Although the Tannerie Wood Homeowners Association cannot itself recommend specific contractors, this page is the next best thing: a forum for homeowners to exchange information about contractors and projects.

Garage Door Service
General Contractor, Stucco Repair, Masonry and Painting
Iron Work (Handrails, etc)
Replacement Windows

Contractor Reviews


Driveway Super Seal Coating

Contact: Elvis
215-888-3525 or 215-426-3549

We recently used Driveway Super Seal Coating to have our driveway cracks filled and driveway sealed.  We were pleased with the results and felt the price was reasonable.

–Maria Rosen, July 15, 2008

Rorvik General Contracting

Driveway Paving & Sealing
Hardscape Design
Landscape Design
Jon Rorvik

Three residents of Harrison Place had their driveways re-paved by Rorvik Contracting.  They were prompt and professional.  We are very pleased with the work, and recommend them to our neighbors.

–Bernice Marinucci, October 8, 2011


Keith McCall, K-Teck, Inc.

I have an electrician I would like to add to the contractors page:

Keith McCall
K-Teck, Inc.
565 Meadowbrook Ave
Ambler, Pa 19002

He returns calls quickly and is very reliable.

–Lois Girard, August 29, 2007

I agree with Lois’s comments regarding Keith McCall. In my house, he installed a new electrical circuit and outlet, and also ran computer network cable to several rooms. His rates are reasonable, he specs out the job carefully, he is conscientious, and he does good work.

–Pete McManus, November 30, 2007


Jay Chuchman, J.C. Fireplaces, LLC

1329 Richlandtown Pike
Quakertown, PA 18951

I have a wonderful guy who cleans & repairs gas fireplaces & grills.  He charges $130.00 to come out to clean & then $60.00 for additional fireplace.  For 3 plus homes, he would charge $110.00 each.  He was so neat & efficient!!  He cleans every piece & the glass too.  He is awesome!!!

–Sheryl Barbin, February 12, 2014

Garage Door Service

Ellis Co., LLC

Recently, on a Sunday, one of the springs that supports my garage door broke, and I could not move the garage door up or was stuck in the down position.  My car was stuck inside.  I called Ellis Co, LLC and left a message asking them to call me on Monday morning.  They called me back within several hours that same day (Sunday) and told me they'd be out first thing Monday morning, because they were closed on Sunday.  They also "talked me through" how to get the door open, so my car wouldn't be trapped inside.  They go above-and-beyond and are quite prompt and reasonable.

Ellis Co LLC
Sales and Service of Garage Doors

–Virginia Glorieux, July 11, 2011

Jack Farrell

Garage doors and electric openers

Jack gave a good price for quality materials and very professional installation.  He was prompt and thorough - took away all old materials.  I recommend him to anyone needing a new garage door.

Bernice Marinucci, March 31, 2012

Jack Farrell replaced my garage door with a much better model than original.  Reasonable and his crew was really professional and knowledgeable and quick.  I think our residents should keep him in mind if they need garage door replacement.

–AL Hoffman, August 20, 2013

General Contractor, Stucco Repair, Masonry and Painting

B&H Interior and Exterior

Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons handled our recent insulation and house painting project.  He was the only one willing to put insulation in our walls.  He did that plus power washed the all the stucco prior to painting it.  He did a great job, using a primer first, then Sherwin Williams special paint for stucco.  He did a few extra things that were not part of the original contracted work, at no extra charge.  His card says, "No job too big or too small."

–Maria Rosen, September 3, 2013

Phil Aiello


He did a fine job with a large stucco job on the side of our home when we moved in and also recently to our back balcony.

–Maria Rosen, November 12, 2012

Richard Duncan, General Contractor

Office: 215-659-7492

* Interior Plastering
* Exterior Stucco
* Waterproofing

Mr. Duncan does outstanding work.  I highly recommend him for stucco repair and painting as well as interior plastering work.

Bernice Marinucci, June 2007

Todd Price


Performed "Under Pressure" power washing.  He was very reasonable, prompt, and knew what to do and how to do it. Extremely satisfied with his work!  I think our residents should keep him in mind if they need power washing done.

–AL Hoffman, August 20, 2013


Fred Rosen

I recommend Fred Rosen for general home repairs and home improvements.  He lives in Tannerie Wood and can be reached at 215-628-4717.  Over the years, Fred has completed a myriad of home repairs and upgrades on both the inside and the outside of my house, including:

• Fixing gutters,
• Painting the balcony,
• Fixing the garage door opener,
• Pressure washing the stucco,
• Tiling the floor on the stair landing,
• Fixing exhaust fans in the bathrooms,
• Fixing toilets and leaky faucets,
• Replacing the garbage disposal,
• Replacing the hot water heater,
• Monitoring the roofers who replaced my roof, and
• Many more.

Fred does a great job, does not charge an arm and a leg, and is both honest and upfront. Additionally, he has a master’s degree in toilets.

–Pete McManus, March 22, 2007.

 I Am Wade Construction

Contractor: Rory Wade,
1224 Cedar Road, Ambler

Rory has completed many repairs, inside and outside of my home and is very reliable.  Sample of services are cleaning siding and decks, gutters, tile work, painting, all carpentry work, windows and doors, fencing...and much more.

–Lois Girard, April 6, 2007

Iron Work (Handrails, etc)

William Henry Ornamental Iron Works

William Henry Ornamental Iron Works
Willow Grove

I recently used the above contractor to repair my wrought iron railing, outside my front door. The price was the best, and their work was very satisfactory.

Nettie Zander, April 2007


Sweetwater Landscaping

Bob O'Donnell
Sweetwater Landscaping
Warminster, PA

Several homeowners from Tannerie Wood use this landscaper and are very pleased.  His prices are good, work is very good, and he does all landscaping including replacing railroad ties.

–Jane Robinson, October 7, 2007


King Plumbing

Call 800-893-1011

I would like to add King Plumbing to the list of recommended contractors (for plumbing, heating and air conditioning).  We have had a nagging problem with our laundry room drain.  Unfortunately, our favorite contractor, Fred Rosen, did not have the equipment to handle the problem.  King Plumbing did an excellent job of taking apart and snaking the trap.  They were prompt, efficient and competitively priced!!  Highly recommend!!

Andi Lavin, August 27, 2008


Plumbarama Co., Inc

I needed emergency service to replace a water heater that began leaking profusely. Called Plumbarama, got immediate excellent service at a competitive price and was highly gratified and satisfied. I'd like to add them to the list of contractors yielding satisfying service.

Al Gottlieb, January 23, 2012


Dan Murphy

Cell: 215-620-2484
Home: 215-394-5492

He remodeled our master bath and did a great job.

–Maria Rosen, November 12, 2012

Replacement Windows

Matus Windows

I recommend Matus Windows for window replacements.  They are at 367 North Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038.  They have several manufacturers’ windows to choose from and their prices were competitive with other estimates we got.  They have DARK brown – it is NOT an issue.  Tell Alex Matus we recommended them!  Several other homeowners have used Matus as well.

–Maria Rosen, September 29, 2006

Spring House Window and Door

I would like to add Spring House Window and Door to our list of contractors recommended by a homeowner.  I have been dealing with them for 7 years and have found them knowledgeable about what is expected here in Tannerie Wood.  They are reliable and do a good job of cleaning up.  They follow up since they are in the neighborhood and are interested in pleasing their customers. Their address is:  908 Bethlehem Pike,  Spring House, Pa. 19477  (215)653-049.

–Joan Berschler, May 10, 2007


Speese Construction

Les Speese

I'd like to recommend Les Speese of Speese Construction for putting on a new roof.  His price was substantially below other bidders and they did an excellent job.  Fred is familiar with how to install a roof (he did ours on Harrison Place) and so he could evaluate what they were doing.  We are very happy.

–Maria Rosen, April 3, 2013


This information is provided for the convenience of Tannerie Wood homeowners, and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any particular contractor. Homeowners should consider references and assure themselves of competence and reliability of any contractor before permitting them to enter or work on your home.

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