Sherwin-Williams no longer has samples of the Tannerie Wood colors, except for Casa Blanca.  Before you go to Sherwin-Williams, take a look around the neighborhood for examples of the approved exterior colors.  If there is a particular color you would like to see, contact a Board member to get the address of a homeowner who used that color.

When you buy paint at Sherwin-Williams, don’t forget to mention that you live in Tannerie Wood.  The Spring House store offers a 10 to 20% discount to Tannerie Wood homeowners, depending upon the product purchased.  The discount applies to interior and exterior paint and to painting supplies.

Please consult with paint store professional for appropriate product selection and cleaning and preparation procedures for the surface to be painted.  Stucco, pressure-treated wood, metal, etc., each have different requirements.

Tannerie Wood Exterior Colors

The following colors are approved for use on the exteriors of Tannerie Wood houses:

Garage Doors:  Sherwin Williams, Casa Blanca, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-7571 (previously #SW 2060).

Trim (two choices):

  • Sherwin Williams, Window Box, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-2049
  • MAB, Medium Brown, latex, semi-gloss

Front Doors
(five choices, all Sherwin Williams):

  • Casa Blanca, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-7571 (previously #SW 2060)
  • Firebrick, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-2713
  • Sedona Clay, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-2313
  • Classy Red, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-2913
  • Window Box, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-2049

Balconies and Railings:
 Pressure-treated wood should weather six months prior to staining:

  • Sherwin Williams Spicewood Stain, #SW-3021.
  • Sherwin Williams Window Box, latex, semi-gloss, #SW-2049
  • Behr DeckOver #SC-105 Padre Brown Wood and Concrete Paint (available at Home Depot).

:  Sherwin-Williams Loxon Casa Blanca latex semi-gloss (stucco paint), #SW-7571.  If a whole wall or home is being painted, then Casa Blanca is the approved color.  However, if you are painting just a portion of a wall, Casa Blanca will not match the original exterior color.  In that case, you should match a chip of the existing color.

The April 2006 Minutes has a discussion of stucco maintenance options.

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