Tannerie Wood E-Mail Group

We now have a Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group to make it easier for members of the Tannerie Wood community to share information on various areas of local interest, including:

  • events in Upper Dublin,
  • contractor experiences,
  • lost pets,
  • search for tennis/bridge/etc partners,
  • community issues,
  • etc.
Here's How it works:

Whenever you send an e-mail to tanneriewood@yahoogroups.com, your message will be forwarded to all the members of the group.  If you reply to such a message, your reply will also be sent to all the members of the group.

The Yahoo!Group provides a mechanism for sharing photos, files, links, and events.  It is likely that these capabilities won't be used as much as the e-mail capability, but you can see them by going to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tanneriewood/.

Guidelines of Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group

Please follow these guidelines in your posts:

  • While everyone is welcome to express their opinions on issues of the community, please maintain polite discourse.  Name-calling, personal attacks, and attacks on groups of people (including the Tannerie Wood Board), will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will be subject to warning, suspension, or expulsion from the Yahoo!Group, depending on the situation.

  • Do not use this group for communication with the Board of Tannerie Wood.  Instead, please direct such communication to the contacts given on the Contact page of this website.

  • The opinions expressed in the Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group are the opinions of individuals, and do not represent the opinion of the Tannerie Wood Board or Association.

  • Please avoid discussion of national political issues. Such discussions tend to be quite divisive and that divisiveness is counter to the goal of this group, which is to foster communication about local issues.
How to Join

Only members of the Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group can send messages to it or receive messages from it.  There are at least two ways to join:

  • Send an e-mail message to webmaster@TannerieWood.com requesting membership.  In the message, please mention your name and address.  The Tannerie Wood webmaster will send you an invitation to join.

  • Or, send a blank e-mail message to tanneriewood-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  This will alert the Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group moderators that you would like to be a member.  If they don't recognize your e-mail address, they will send you a message requesting your name and address prior to accepting your membership request.

How to Use the Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group
  • Join the Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group (see How to Join above)

  • Send a message to tanneriewood@yahoogroups.com to send an e-mail to all members of the group.  (Or reply to a message you have received from the group.)

    • Only members can send messages to the group.

    • Use the same e-mail address you used when you signed up, or your message will not be delivered.

    • Only members can receive the messages sent to the group.

    • If you send a message to the group, your e-mail address will be visible in the message you send.  
  • Please follow the guidelines in the box above.

  • Check your spam mailbox.  Some filters will initially consider e-mail from Yahoo!Groups to be spam, so you may need to tell your spam filter to accept messages from Yahoo!Groups.

  • You can unsubscribe to the group any time you want by sending an e-mail to tanneriewood-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.

  • The Yahoo! website has extensive help pages describing the features of Yahoo!Groups.  You can also send questions to the Tannerie Wood webmaster.


Please do not use the Tannerie Wood Yahoo!Group for sending messages to the Board.

For communicating with the Board, use the contacts given on the Contact page.

This page last modified 8/4/14.

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