Bub Farm Project

Upper Dublin Bub Farm Information Meeting (August 23, 2007)

On August 23, 2007, Upper Dublin hosted a public information meeting on the Bub Farm Project.  A number of people involved in the planning of the Bub Farm project presented the plans in great detail.  The meeting was attended by about 35 local residents.

Click here to download a recap of the meeting.

Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners Meeting (August 14, 2007)

On August 14, 2007, a number of local residents registered their concerns regarding the Bub Farm Project at the monthly Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners meeting.

  • Nancy Bunch, Recording Secretary for the Tannerie Wood Association, wrote a recap of the meeting; click here to view her write-up.

  • Pete McManus took some additional notes on the meeting; click here to view his notes.

  • Click here to view the official Upper Dublin Township minutes of the meeting.

A video of the BOC meeting may be available from Upper Dublin for a fee.

Meeting with Susan Lohoefer (July 31, 2007, meeting)

In August 2007, Upper Dublin will start construction on the so-called “Bub Farm” tract – the empty space across Susquehanna Road from Tannerie Wood.  On July 31, 2007, Pete McManus, Nina Semanoff and Nancy Bunch attended a meeting with the Township Director of Parks & Recreation, Susan Lohoefer, to discuss how this will affect Tannerie Wood.  Here is a summary of what they learned:

  • The property will eventually have two large, fenced, multi-use lighted playing fields; a walking trail; a small playground; a 24-car parking lot; a utility building; scoreboards; bleachers; a PA system; rest rooms; and a concession stand.

  • A driveway, intersecting Susquehanna Road, will serve Ft. Washington Estates, the new park, and Upper Dublin High School, with an indirect connection to Loch Alsh Ave.

  • The fields will be used for football, lacrosse, field hockey and soccer.  They will be made of artificial turf and will be used quite intensively (potentially every day of the year), even after sunset.

  • Lighting:  The Township plans to light the fields with Musco Lighting, which is designed to minimize the amount of light that is not aimed at the playing fields.  The lights will be turned off by 10:00 pm each night.

  • Parking:  There will be 24 parking spaces on the property, and parking will also be available at the high school.  Our concern was that people will park on Susquehanna Road too.  Ms. Lohoefer initiated a "warrant study" to see if we can prohibit parking along Susquehanna Road on either side of the entrance to Tannerie Wood.

  • Noise:  There will be a PA system at the fields.  Although Upper Dublin cannot guarantee that we will not hear the noise,  Ms. Lohoefer said that the Township may be able to reduce the disturbance by turning down the volume.

  • Traffic:  As the driveway into this property will be an entrance to the high school, obviously it will bring more traffic to Susquehanna Road.  Fort Washington Estates plans to put a traffic signal there.  Another traffic signal is planned at northbound exit-ramp of Rt. 309 on Susquehanna Road.  However, this probably won't be installed for a few years.

This project is expected to be complete by the end of 2007.  The first playing season will occur in spring 2008.

Click here for a much more detailed description of the Bub Farm project.  The description is entirely based on the July 31, 2007, meeting mentioned above (attended by Pete McManus, Nina Semanoff and Nancy Bunch, Susan Lohoefer, and Paul Leonard).

Comments by Township Commissioner Ann Thornburg Weiss (March 27, 2007)

Many of us have been wondering:  What is that construction project on Susquehanna Road diagonally opposite Tannerie Wood?  Ann Weiss, the Upper Dublin Township Commissioner for Ward Two, provided this answer:

The construction you are seeing is all related to the portion of land owned by Fort Washington Estates, which is building some new units and a large detention basin to handle storm water to assist in the downstream flooding situation.  The Township, School District and Township athletic groups will soon be constructing fields on the Township portion of the Bub Farm.  There will also be a walking track.  The fields will be turf rather than grass.  There will also be a road built to connect with the School District property so that parking will be available at the school for users of the fields.  I think the goal is to have the fields ready for use in the fall.  Let me know if you would like more info.

—Ann Thornburg Weiss, March 27, 2007

Comments by Township Commissioner Ann Thornburg Weiss (April 2006)

Many of us have been wondering:  What is that construction project on Susquehanna Road diagonally opposite Tannerie Wood?  Ann Weiss, the Upper Dublin Township Commissioner for Ward Two, provided this answer:

The construction is for a shared detention basin that will serve Fort Washington Estates and also assist in preventing some of the downstream flooding.  It is being paid for entirely by Fort Washington Estates.  Although the situation looks overwhelming now, it should be better when the work is completed and the site restored.  I believe that it is very likely that one or more ball fields and a walking trail will also be constructed at the site, but that work is not underway yet.  The property was acquired partly by Fort Washington Estates for the basin, and the rest by the Township.  If you want to see plans for the basin and or the fields, you should contact Paul Leonard, Township Manager, at 215-643-1600, ext 3219, and tell him I suggested you call so you can see what the end product from both projects will look like.

—Ann Thornburg Weiss, April, 2006

Project Diagram

Here is a diagram of what the Bub Farm tract will look like when it is compete.  Click on the diagram to see a higher resolution version, or click here to look at the PDF file we received from Upper Dublin.

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