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Tannerie Wood is a townhouse community located in Upper Dublin Township, in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.  Our development has a variety of different home designs and property sizes to suit the varied needs of our homeowners.  The homes are spacious and in very good condition.  Properties are owner maintained – a casual walk around the neighborhood reveals the creative talents of our resident gardeners.  And don't worry about walking on Honey Run Road – it's not a throughway.  We're just a five minute drive from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so Tannerie Wood is conveniently close to most Philadelphia attractions.  Check out the About page for more information about our community.

2017 Block Party

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, we held our Second Annual Block Party (restarted last year after a six-year hiatus).  We had great weather and a great party.  These photos by Maria really capture the spirit of the day:  2017 Block Party.

Collection Procedure

Please be aware that we have implemented a new collection procedure for overdue accounts, documented here.

Sherwin-Williams Has Moved

The Sherwin Williams store has moved from Ambler to Spring House.

They are now located in the shopping center across from the Lower Gwynedd Township Building.  The address is: 1121 N. Bethlehem Pike.  215-646-8840.

It's on the left hand side of Bethlehem Pike, driving north.  It is in the same strip as the Giant supermarket in Spring House (formerly a Genuardis).

Lateral Water Line:  $10/year for Peace of Mind!

A Board member recently had major problems with her water supply.  She found that there was a leak in the "lateral" water line, which is the pipe that brings water from the curb to the house.  She learned that the Lateral is the responsibility of the homeowner.

The repairs involve digging up the line and replacing it (or doing a patch - still a lot of digging). The cost: thousands of dollars - homeowner's responsibility.

She found out that the cost could have been eliminated if she had taken part in the Water Service Maintenance Program offered by North Wales Water Authority at a cost of $10.00 per year. Evidently, this was mentioned in prior bills but could be easily missed.

We would suggest you check this out and for a small yearly fee, take part in this program and possibly save yourself a lot of money should this happen to you.

Webpage:  NWWA Water Service Maintenance Program

Be on the Lookout for Gas Leaks!

Carole Witt reported this regarding a gas leak at her house:

A contractor practically saved our lives today.  He was here working for us, and upon leaving he smelled gas and discovered that we had a gas leak.  We called the gas company and they have been here to check it out and repair it.  Our meter is on the brick front wall of our house - beneath the kitchen window. The gas company guy said that the dope had dried out.  Pipe dope goes on the pipe threads and joints to form a seal - like a gasket.

Carole advises everyone to stay alert to leaks around the gas meter.  And, of course, if you smell gas either inside or outside of your house, call the gas company immediately.  Their policy is respond very quickly to such calls.

Make Sure Your Washing Machine Doesn't Leak!!!

Many Tannerie Wood homes have their washing machines on the second floor.  This is a huge convenience, but it also presents a big risk that the washing machine will leak and flood the house.  It is important to take precautionary steps!

A home on Honey Run had a washer that used rubber hoses connecting to the faucet.  In the middle of one night over the holidays a hose failed and water leaked out for hours, flooding the first floor and basement.  The soaked wallboard came off the living room and dining room ceilings; the carpet had to be taken up in the basement; damage was extensive.

Homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of such floods by taking one or two precautions:

1) Shut off the water to the washing machine after every use.  This can be made simple by having a plumber install a single-lever washing machine shutoff valve.  If the water isn't shut off after every use, the hoses, the washing machine, and the joints are subject to continual high water pressure, increasing the chance of failure.

2) Buy steel hoses from someplace like Lowe's or Home Depot and replace the rubber hoses.  Anyone can do it, so you don't need to hire somebody.

Contractor Page

In the second August 2006 Board meeting, the Board discussed the difficulties in finding good contractors for the various home improvement projects of Tannerie Wood homeowners.  Although the Board cannot make contractor recommendations, individual homeowners can.  Thus was born a new page on this website:  Contractors, a forum for homeowners to share their experiences with particular contractors and projects.  A link to the new webpage can always be found on this website's main menu (above).

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